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Tonia Mathis Fils-Aimé

Summer is here and refreshing drinks are on the MENU!  

​​Watermelon sangria | Courtesy of YellowSaffron

Trina Mathis Wynn

​​​3 Vegan Carbonara | VEGAN Alfredo | Spinach & Sausage Gnocchi | Courtesy of | Edgy Veg

Greek Lemon Chicken, Garlic Herb Chicken & Potatoes Recipe | ​Courtesy of Food Wishes

The Dish On Reality 
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"Mother Clucker" 
***** 5 out of 5 stars 

*Great for the whole Family*

Virgin Sangria - Easy Summer Drink | Courtesy of Rea C

The Kitchen Advisor

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict | Courtesy of TatyanasEverydayFood

EXTREME MILKSHAKE RECIPES | Courtesy of:  How To Cook That Ann Reardon FREAKSHAKES


The Dish On Reality 
5 star rating system

Breakfast with Tiffani
**** 4 out of 5 stars experience  Tailgate
*Fun Experience*  ​

Upon arriving, we were immediately drawn in by the décor and intimate setting.   The ambiance, and the smell of the delicious food let us know we were in the right place, we were immediately greeted by Tiffani with warm hugs and an even warmer smile, she told us to make ourselves comfortable and offered us mimosas. 

After grabbing our drinks, we found a cozy spot on one of the sofas and chatted.  Some of the other guest were networking and started up a game of pool.  Soon after, we were informed that it was time to indulge into the mouthwatering food.  We had many great dishes to choose from including quiche, miniature pancakes with bourbon syrup, shrimp and grits, waffles, chicken skewers, fresh fruit, and a few more selections.  We tried just about everything and were very pleased.  After eating and mingling with the other guest they raved about the delicious food and we all wanted to know “who’s the chef?”  To our surprise, Tiffani was responsible for the set-up and preparing all the dishes. 

Along with having the all you can eat food and bottomless mimosas, we met some great people. The conversations were flowing and we all got to know each other better.  All of us were having so much fun, we forgot about the time and was there well past the event ending time.  All in all, we ended up having some delicious food and an amazing time.  If you want the same experience, then make sure you visit www.crushcrave.com to find out about any upcoming events.



A Dry Ice Vodka Cocktail | Courtesy of The Sabrinatini

Culinary Local Marketplace

"Adult Tailgating at it’s BEST"

Going to SunTrust Park, the new home of the Atlanta Braves was a treat alone, but attending the Atlanta Bar Crawls Tailgate put the cherry on top.  From the food, to the crowd, to the open bar, it was all that and more.  

At arrival, we were greeted and given wristbands for food and a customized Atlanta Bar Crawls cup for our drinks.  On our way to the bar we meet Andy, the organizer and founder of Atlanta Bar Crawls.  He was busy pumping beer out of the kegs, but still took time out to speak with us.  Everyone working the event was very courteous and made sure no “tailgater” was empty handed.  

Once we left Andy, we made it over to the bar where the selections were plenty and the bartenders were great in helping us decide which libations to partake in.  We decided on a coconut rum and coke, and one of the signature drinks of the day.  Then the smell of the burgers and hot dogs captured our attention and we let our noses lead the way.  After grabbing burgers and chips, we walked up the small hill to eat, drink, and enjoy the tailgating view.

Once we finished our food we headed back to the open bar “once again” we then had to make the decision to play beer pong or the bean bag toss game.  And the winner was…. The bean bag toss game, and we both were terrible at it, even with some tips from some experienced “bean bag toss players.” We figured they watched our game and felt bad for us, we had no idea what we were doing, but we had a BLAST trying.

This was our first baseball tailgate and it was a memorable experience.  From the all you can eat grilled food, fun games, the attendees, and especially the open bar, this will not be our last Atlanta Bar Crawls event.  If you want to attend any of their events anywhere in the city, make sure you visit their website at
www.atlantabarcrawls.com for more information.

"Mother Clucker"

Fried Chicken Festival
Chicken, chicken, and even more chicken is what our eyes saw once we entered the venue for the “Mother Clucker” Fried Chicken Festival.  It was like nothing we had seen before, and we loved it.  The aroma of the food was inviting and made you want to try everything that was in sight. 

There were booths from various restaurants and chefs with their own signature version of fried chicken.  One of the first stops we made was a booth with chicken sliders seasoned perfectly, with a soft bun.  We also picked up a few more fried chicken choices before we made it to the table.

Once we found our seats we started to enjoy the mouthwatering food.  Everything was as good as it looked.  While we were enjoying the food, we remembered that we needed something to wash it down with, so we made our way over to the open bar.  At the bar, they had some great choices which included some spirits from ASW Distillery, which happens to be connected to the building where the event took place.

With drinks in hand we ventured around the rest of the facility to indulge in more great food and to meet some of the other restaurant owners, manager, staff, etc...  One vender had a chicken meatball with collard greens, it was awesome, and if we were not already full, we would have gone back for more.

Needing to walk off all the food, we entered went next door and entered the ASW Distillery, where they were giving free tours to everyone from the “Mother Clucker” Fried Chicken Festival.  During the tour, we could see the various machinery and barrels that are used to make their spirits, and we learned the process of making whiskey.

After the tour, we continued to mingle with some of the chefs and we also were introduced to the founder of “Mother Clucker”, Chef Ron Eyester who has also starred on Bravo’s Top Chef.  He was gracious and thanked us for attending the event.

We not sure of next year’s date for the event, but not only will we be there, we will have the whole family with us.  So, make sure you look out for this awesome event and follow Chef Ron Eyester on Twitter @theangrychef.

Amalfi Summer Spritz | Courtesy of Gennaro Contaldo

Click to drink picture below to find out the recipe!

​​Braised Beef Ribs - Bonus Recipe Courtesy of CaribbeanPot.com

How To Make The Perfect Chicken Parmesan | Courtesy of Gordon Ramsey

Grilled LOBSTER | Courtesy of Bart's Fish Tales


The Dish On Reality 
5 out of 5 star rating*****

Bartender Boot Camp

​​What Can I Get For You?

Now we can utter these famous words bartenders use all around the world, “What can I get for you?”  Reason being… We attended the magnificent course,  “Bartender Bootcamp” taught by the professional, Cekeita Alford.

Walking into the classroom felt like a bartender’s dream.  There were bar stations set up all over with everything a professional bartender would need to run a bar.  Cekeita started the class by introducing herself and explaining everything that would take place doing during the course.  We then grabbed a partner and starting learning about everything stocked at our bar stations, from the bar objects to the drink mixes and alcohol beverages (make shift for class).  LOL  

Being that we do sometimes take part in libations, we thought that we knew what some of our favorites drinks consisted of, turns out that we were so wrong.  Who knew all the work and ingredients that it took to make a margarita or long island iced tea.  After following the directions from the instructor and looking through our course booklet, we now appreciate bartenders even more.

Not only did we learn how to make alcoholic beverages, we also learned how to properly pour drinks and what glassware to pour them into.  After the drink mixing segment, Cekeita then educated us on the laws when serving alcohol and even gave tips on how to apply for jobs in the industry, along with how to complete our certification.  Before this class we never really thought about a career as a bartender, but now we feel more confident and completed this class we may just give it a try.  Believe us, once you take this class you will feel the same way.  So, make sure you visit the
Bartender Boot Camp Facebook page to sign up for the next class.

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Gordon Ramsay's Flavorful Salmon And Sides | Courtesy of Gordon Ramsey

"The Dish On Reality" 

 with  Tonia & Trina

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How about some DIY Dishes... The Recipes are BELOW:​​


This was an experience "The Dish On Reality" will never forget!  

All we could say was WOW... From the classes, sponsors, vendors and networking you can only say, "We can't wait until next year." 

The Dish On Reality 
5 star rating system

**** 5 out of 5 stars experience  
*Fun Experience*  ​